Personal: Facts About Me

I’ve tried, for the most part, to keep myself out of this site. Outside of my “About the Author” page, which reads more like a resume, I don’t talk much about myself unless it interferes with my site, as with my car accident last year.

However, last month, my friend Patrick O’keefe tagged me on my entry about Lightbox and I have gotten a couple of emails asking why I don’t have more information about myself on the site.

So, in the spirit of good fun, I’ve decided to include at least a few “lesser-known” facts about me. If you are interested in them, read on, if not, I’ll be back Monday with more of the usual PT fare.

What You Didn’t Know… But Do Now

  1. I Was/Am a Self-Defense Instructor: Prior to Hurricane Katrina, I was a self-defense instructor part time. I was training and preparing to open up my own school but the storm closed down the entire operation. It hasn’t reopened. I have not been able to train sense save at home. Related to this is that I was training to fight MMA and compete in some of the local leagues.
  2. Hello, I’m a Mac: I am a mac user. My primary workstation is a Mac though I own four different machines. One Linux box, that uses Kubuntu, one Windows PC, mainly for gaming and one laptop that uses Windows (only because Linux can’t use my Sprint wireless card). This is to be expected though, I have been hooked on computers since I was four when my father bought a Tandy.
  3. I Like to Type: I can type, depending on my setup, up to 120 wpm. However, it is for a very good reason. I have terrible handwriting. Early on in school, I was given a choice, clean up my handwriting or type all of my assignments. The rest is history (though my mother still thinks I should have been a doctor).
  4. I Know Sign Language: I have one brother, who is younger, and has been hearing impaired since birth. I learned sign language at an early age to communicate with him. Though he received a cochlear implant when he was in middle school, I’ve kept up my sign language because I’ve found it useful for communicating with others, especially in noisy situations.
  5. Comedy Buff: I don’t watch much television, but there are several shows I’ve fallen in love with they include, The Tick (animated and live action), Red Dwarf and Pinky & The Brain. I also love stand up comedy, especially Lewis Black, Ron White, Greg Proops, Mitch Hedberg and Jay London.
  6. Dressed in Black: I wear all black pretty much all of the time. The reason is that I am partially color-blind and, though it doesn’t impact me much in my day-to-day life, it makes matching colors very hard. This also explains a great deal regarding my Web design.
  7. Haunted House: I own and operate a haunted house every Halloween. It’s a small community affair and completely free, but it is a load of fun and a great chance to play. This year, with our new house, we will be expanding it greatly.

So, if you’ve been curious about me, that should give you at least a little insight into what I am like outside of the site. I am definitely a paradox but I’d have it no other way.

However, I’m not going to tag anyone else with this post. If anyone reading this wants to continue the chain, they are more than welcome to. But I know many people who are far more private than myself and don’t want to put anyone on the spot, even in good fun.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll gladly answer what I can!