Update: Google Responds Regarding Blogspot Spam

Yesterday I received an email from a representative at Google Blogspot. In my inquiry to him, I had asked whether or not Google was on a recent offensive against spam blogs, as I had speculated earlier this week.

As with most replies from Google about such matters, it was very vague and short on details. However, it did state the following:

“I can’t really comment on anything further than what you’ve noticed, but you’re right: 1) some spammy blogs are showing the Terms of Service warning; and 2) this is a good thing.”

He went on to say that many spam blogs, possibly most, are currently being shut down even before the search engines have a chance to crawl them.

Though I will have to continue to dig for more information. It is nice to confirm that Google is taking strong action and that, perhaps for the first time, it seems to be fairly effective. We will have to see how and if spam bloggers change their game and, if they do, how Google will respond.

The cat and mouse game, most likely, has just begun.

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