Housekeeping: Limited Posting Next Week

Monday the fourteenth is going to be an exciting day for the wife and I. We are closing on our first house.

The closing will take place late morning on the 14th and I will be spending most of the rest of the week moving into and repainting the new home. We should be almost completely done by the 21st.

Posting will be irregular next week not only due to the time constraints, but also due to potential Internet access outages as I transfer my rather massive home office between the two locations.

Right now, I am thankful for laptops and mobile broadband cards as it will be how I keep in touch with mail and IM during this transition.

I just wanted to warn everyone that next week might be a bit hit or miss as we get settled in. I’m looking forward to my new, much larger, office that I will be getting out of this.

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