Diehl v. Crook Case Update

There is a minor update on Diehl v. Crook case to report today.

The two sides, Michael Crook and EFF’s attorneys, held a mandatory conference call today. According to Crook, the call lasted about an hour and was more or less cordial. Crook even said that "both McSherry and and Schultz are not as bad as I thought they were."

Outside of formalities, including an agreement to cooperate on discovery, the biggest news is that, according to Crook, the EFF is pushing for the case to go to trial sometime in October. The EFF is also planning to oppose Crook’s countersuit and Crook’s motion to dismiss the initial lawsuit.

If this is accurate, it would mean that I might be wrong about the case dragging on into next year. Though the trial and decision might take some time, if it comes to that, it could easily be resolved before 2008.

That is, of course, barring any appeals.

I’m certain that there will be more updates about this call and other actions in the coming days and weeks. I will report on what happens as I find out more.

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