Update: Google Responds (Sort of)

I received an email earlier today from Google saying that they received and are looking into my previous DMCA notice.

Though the reply was just an autoresponse, letting me know that they are processing the complaint, it is important for three reasons:

  1. It means they received the complaint.
  2. They did not find a flaw in it (usually cases where Google finds a flaw in a DMCA notice the first communication is an apology).
  3. Action is likely coming soon.

In my personal experience with Google they usually send out a note like this one a few days before they take action. Though the first note usually comes within 24 hours, the second note, saying that the complaint has been processed, usually comes about 48 hours later.

I’ll keep everyone informed as to how things are going and what further information I hear from Google.

My only hope is that the Adsense team is as good as the Blogger team about handling DMCA complaints.


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