Update: Digital Fingerprint Plugin Beta 2

Kirk Montgomery updated his Digital Fingerprinting Wordpress plugin yesterday. The new version, Beta 2, provides several new features including the addition of Bloglines as a search engine, the ability to automatically insert the fingerprint into a post and some “general code cleanup”.

This greatly strengthens the plugin by both broadening its search ability and making it easier to use. While it is unclear if it works with BlogDesk and the Wordpress API, I am using this post a means to test it out.

I’ll update this post shortly with information about that.

All in all though, this is a large step forward for the plugin, both increasing its power and its ease of use. I’m personally very excited to see how this plugin and this concept develop.

Update: It worked perfectly. All old posts are now marked with the fingerprint. You should be able to view it in my RSS feed if you wish.

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