U.S. Copyright Code: In Verse

Yehuda Berlinger, a Jerusalem native, posted a very interesting entry to her blog back in July. Entitled “The U.S. Copyright code, in verse” the entry lays out the entire content of U.S. Copyright law in short rhyming stanzas.

Though it’s definitely cute, humorous and entertaining, it’s also somewhat useful. As someone who spends a great deal of time pouring through the code, the short rhymes help make it easy to find certain passages.

While it shouldn’t be treated as a definitive guide by any stretch. It can greatly assist in remembering what section says what and the links it provides to the sections makes it easy to navigate the otherwise almost unreadable law.

It’s a great read for a quiet Friday. That much is sure.

Tags: Content Theft, Copyright, Copyright Infringement, Copyright Law, Plagiarism

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