Once again, I find myself both apologizing for a slow site and welcoming new visitors. The site made an unexpected appearance earlier today on Slashdot and has since then been overloaded.

In short, the dreaded Slashdot effect strikes again.

I’ve been in constant communications with my host trying to resolve this and get things back up to normal. Since I use a Web-based interface to edit the site, I have not been able to log in and do any significant work, I’m racing just to get this statement up.

So please, bear with me and my host as we work together to get this straightened out. Also, note that my email is out right now and I can not receive any mail. If you wish to contact me you can do so at my alternate address I plan on deactivating that address in two days or as soon as things calm down.

Also, I will be available online for chat shortly if time allows.

Thank you all for your patience, I hope that you enjoy the site and find it a useful resource!

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