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Just a heads up to anyone who has been following the “Your Copyrights Online” series of the site, I finally got around to posting the second chapter of that series, “Limitations on Copyright”.

In this article I discuss five critical ways in which the law limits the absolute rights of a copyright holder, including Fair Use, Orphaned Works and Expiration as well as provide valuable links to resources in all five areas. It’s a critical discussion for anyone wanting to know the limits of their copyrights

I also too the opportunity to update the first chapter in the series, entitled “What is a Copyright?” to add a discussion regarding Moral Rights and generally clean up the article. Other, cosmetic changes to it can be expected over the next few days.

Stay tuned for other additions to the series over the next couple of weeks.

[tags]Plagiarism, Copyright Infringement, Content Theft, Copyright Law, Fair Use, Orphaned Works, Public Domain[/tags]

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