Xanga Update: Xanga Responds

Over a month after my ordeal with Xanga began, it appears to be coming to a close.

Yesterday, shortly after noon, I received confirmation that at least one of my DMCA notices to Xanga had arrived. Just a few hours ago I received an email from Xanga, my first contact from an employee there, saying that the matter was being handled and that the accounts involved were being given warnings to either remove the work or be closed down.

This still leaves several unanswered questions, including why they haven’t registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and why the first abuse reports were ignored. However, I have replied to the email in hopes of opening up a dialog with Xanga on these matters and I will report back what I find. I am hoping that Xanga, like OpenDiary, will promise to change its policy for the better or that, better yet, this whole matter will be just one giant misunderstanding.

In the meantime, I just wanted to quickly post and let everyone know that I had heard back from Xanga and that, for the time being, one should mail in any copyright infirngement complaints that they have involving Xanga servers. It’s the best way to contact them right now.  

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