Housekeeping: Gizmo Project and Google Talk

Recently, I made the announcement that I was making myself available to chat via Skype. However, after being introduced to The Gizmo Project, an open source program similar to Skype, I’ve begun the process of migrating all of my Skype functions to it.

As a supporter of the FOSS movement, it means a great deal to me to support an application that both is both open source and is using open standards. Furthermore, Gizmo Project bests Skype in nearly every side-by-side comparison, offers better support for Linux, my main operating system, and is interoperable with Google Talk.

So, effective immediately, I will only be available on Skype by appointment. If you want to chat with me and need to use Skype for whatever reason, you can email me first to set up a time.

Otherwise, here’s the contact information to reach me via either Google Talk or Gizmo Project.

Gizmo Project: plagiarismtoday
Google Talk:

Feel free to contact me if I’m online and listed as available.

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