While doing my usual searches for plagiarism information, I ran across a term that, though almost a year old, was new to me: Blogiairism.

Blogiarism sounds like exactly what it means, plagiarism of blogs. Like splogs or even the term blog itself, it’s a slang mashup of two words that are commonly placed together.

The term, which Technorati reports being almost a year old, is starting to catch fire as more and more attention is being paid to blog plagiarism, both in terms of traditional copy and paste plagiarism and RSS scraping/splogging.

Though, personally, I’m sick and tired of the constant generation of new slang in the blogosphere (yet another mashup word), it’s important to note it because it will almost certainly come up within the context of this site. If you do regular searches for plagiarism or copyright information online, it’s probably worthwhile to add the term to your list of regularly searched words.

In the meantime, I’m going to have to see about creating a page on this site for all of the slang and legal terms that are used regularly here. If nothing else, I’ll need it for myself to keep track of these terms as they are invented and changed. Even I have to admit, it’s getting very confusing.

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