A Day Of Plagiarism Prevention

Update: The entire series seems to either be down or moved. All links have been removed.

Free Traffic Tips, a well-known and well-respected blog on how to get free traffic for your Web site, recently dedicated an entire day’s worth of posts to the issue of content theft and plagiarism.

While I disagree with some of the finer points in the series, such as using Copyscape to find plagiarists, there are links to several very interesting articles and links, including one on 3 Myths of Business Web Content Theft that dispels misconceptions people have about content theft on the Web (though only offers questionable advice on how to deal with it). All in all, the series is a very good read and even includes a very favorable link back to PlagiarismToday.

However, the part I like the best is the level-headed approach the author takes on the issue encouraging people to be aware of the problem, but not too concerned about it. The reason I run this site and dedicate so much of my time to finding information on the subject is so that, hopefully, others won’t have to. I’ve never tried to be alarmist about the subject, just realistic and I’m glad she was able to see that.

In the end, anyone insterested in the subject of plagiarism online should at least skim these articles as they can be very helpful in dealing with online plagiarism.

Note: I’m sorry for the short update. Though I have regular Internet access again, at least on weekdays, I am still winding back up and trying to resume normal operations again. I’m hoping to return tomorrow with a much more full update.

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