Stopping Internet Plagiarism: When All Else Fails

I’ve added the fifth chapter in the “Stopping Internet Plagiarism” series.

Chapter five, entitled “When All Else Fails“, builds upon chapter four, “Contacting the Host“, by offering guidance on what to do when contacting the host and the plagiarist both fail to produce satisfactory results. This chapter delves some into the DMCA, in particular some less-than-common uses of it, but mainly focuses on finding alternative solutions to the problem. Solutions that, often times, don’t involve the use of law or legal pressure.

It’s an important chapter for dealing with the most impossible of cases and explains possible solutions to the problem of plagiarism that don’t occur to most Webmasters.

Here are all of the chapters currently in the series:

1. How to Find Plagiarism
2. Contacting a Plagiarist
3. Finding the Host
4. Contacting the Host
5. When All Else Fails

Please feel free to comment on any of them, they are very much works in progress and, like any good system, will be modified as new information comes in and situations change. Thus, your input is especially important.

Also, remember that you can find these articles at any time by looking in the right-hand column of the site.

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