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In researching articles for this site, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of misconception about copyright law, especially when it comes to how it applies on the Internet. This ignorance has not only played a role in bringing about countless incidents of plagiarism, but has also prevented many from going after known thieves due to the notion that it’s not within their rights.

To help clear up these matters I’ve started another essay series entitled “Your Copyrights Online“. This series focuses on dispelling the myths about copyright law and getting hard facts about it to the people who need it. Everything is designed to be written in simple terms and is based upon my own research into the matter (even though, as with everything I do, I stress that I am not a lawyer).

In addition to the intro, the first essay in the series, “What Is A Copyright?” is also available. This essay delves into the fundamentals of copyright law, including what a copyright is, what it secures for you and what you can and can not do with a copyrighted work.

It’s a short essay, but it sets up later ones that delve more into the myths many people have regarding copyright law. Also, it will probably be expanded upon as later works are added to the series.

In the end, everything on this site is to be considered a work in progress.

On that note, please feel free to leave comments on these essays or send me an email to let me know what you think. I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

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