– Still Great

No matter how many good things I say about the Allpoetry network, they always seem to exceed my expectations. Today was no different.

I was informed about someone plagiarizing one of my poems on the site. I investigated and, sure enough, someone was using my poem “97 Percent” as their own. The funny part, if there is one, is that the person entered it into a contest and won, taking home the gold trophy and 300 points.

Flattering, to be certain, but still grating.

I informed the admins there, as I always do, and got a response within fifteen minutes, even at the early morning hour I submitted the complaint. The matter was handled swiftly and, within about 20 minutes of the initial complaint, the infringing work was down and the matter was, in my opinion, closed.

Personally, I never expected the moderators to do much more. Even though I did a thorough search, I couldn’t find any other works of mine stolen and it seemed to be an isolated incident. However, the moderators went ahead and voided the contest she won, reopening it for those who’d already entered it, and took down the other works in the account.

In the end, they did more than what was fair for myself and they did a great job looking out for the others who entered the contest. They are truly an example for other sites to follow…

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