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Flickr Adds Photo Embeds, Attribution to Images

Flickr Adds Photo Embeds, Attribution to Images

Flickr LogoYahoo has, in recent months and years, been working to turn around Flickr in hopes that it can convert it stagnant, but popular, photo sharing service into a modern contender.

In addition to offering up 1 terrabyte of space per account, it’s also been making changes to the interface in hopes of giving it a more modern aesthetic.

However, a new feature is bound to catch the attention of photographers and artists, two groups that make up Flickr’s core users, image embedding.

Though embeds have long been popular on other services, including Pinterest, Flickr users have not had that feature. However, with the recent changes, the public will be able to embed an image on Flickr, in a variety of sizes, almost anywhere on the web.

While the feature is limited to public photos and can be turned off if the account holder desires, its instantaneous offering on millions of Flickr user accounts is going to raise questions about what this new feature means for their work and their rights in it.

While the answers aren’t clear, the choice that Flickr users have is, even if that doesn’t necessarily make it a simple decision.Continue Reading