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Repost Shuts Down & How Article Embedding Can Still Grow

Repost Shuts Down & How Article Embedding Can Still Grow

Repost LogoRecently, Repost announced that they were closing down. The service, formerly known as Repost.Us, originally launched in March of 2011 and the company was involved in article embedding, through Clp.ly, since mid-2010.

Repost made it easy for bloggers and others to make their text content available for embedding on other sites. Article embeds not only ensured that attribution was carried with the article, but also made the views trackable and opened the door to advertisements and other revenue opportunities.

According to Repost’s announcement, they served some 8,500 sites, had 8 million articles in their system and served content to over 100,000 domains. However, “Although the technology worked well, the business model didn’t,” the announcement said. Since they were unable to raise additional funding, they’ve decided to close the service.

If you’re a Repost user, as I was, it’s important to note that the service has already stopped allowing users to log in to their accounts. New embeds have also been disabled and new content is not being ingested into the service. On July 31, 2014 the API servers will be shut down and all currently embedded content will cease to be available though the s.tt URL shortener will remain active through the end of the year.

They have already updated their scripts to remove the Repost buttons from the sites they appeared on, though it’s likely a good idea to go ahead and remove any plugins or code.

The field of article embedding, unfortunately, is a graveyard. Prior to Repost, Embed Anything closed its doors in November of 2012, Voxant Newsroom, launched in 2008, switched to offering only video content and now seems to no longer be in operation at all (it’s domain forwarding to a blog) and they are far from the only ones.

But as we say goodbye to Repost and its similar services, what does the future of content embedding look like? The answer is pretty bleak, but there is one possibility that could change the game.Continue Reading