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What is Spam in 2013?

What is Spam in 2013?

Stop Spam SignWhat is spam?

Spam, in the early days of the Internet, was a pretty simple concept. The term was largely synonymous about unsolicited commercial email (UCE). This is why the famous CAN-SPAM act of 2003 deals solely with email and nothing else.

But that act is nearly a decade old and the Web has changed a lot since then. This means it’s time to revisit the question and ask ourselves “What is spam in 2013?”

These days, there’s no simple answer to that question, no easy synonym we can draw. Even our real world parallels have fallen apart. Is spam like junk mail? Or is it like snipe sighs? Or something else altogether?

This isn’t an easy question but it is an important one. How we define spam is important because it determines how we treat it and what we do to stop it.

So it’s worth taking a moment to analyze the term “spam” and what it means as we approach the 10-year anniversary of the act that carries its name.Continue Reading

Putting Your Feed on Probation

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Blogger CAPTCHA Cracked

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