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Amazon Prime Music: A Misstep and An Opportunity

Amazon Prime Music: A Misstep and An Opportunity

Amazon Prime Music LogoYesterday, I wrote about how we were in the golden age of legal access to content. It’s an article about how between Spotify, Netflix and other services, there is no reason why anyone should be hurting for legal entertainment.

Today, Amazon announced a new service that seems like it should only further that sentiment, Amazon Prime Music.

Given away for free to all Amazon Prime members, which currently costs $99 per year, Amazon Prime Music connects with Amazon’s existing Cloud Player to provide over one million songs for free streaming. Combined with Amazon Prime’s Netflix-like library of movies and TV shows and free two-day shipping on eligible physical goods, many will look at it as a great deal.

However, Prime Music hasn’t turned out to be everything that it could or should be. For a company as great as Amazon, the launch of Prime Music has been met with negative reviews and legions of commenters saying that Spotify and its competitors have little to worry about.

More importantly though, Prime Music is an example of why competing with Spotify is difficult and the challenges that any technology company must overcome to create a service that not only competes favorably with existing and entrenched market competitors, but illegal piracy.Continue Reading