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What to Do When Your Content Appears on a Compromised Site

What to Do When Your Content Appears on a Compromised Site

Hacked Site ImageThere are many despicable places that plagiarized content can wind up. Spam blogs advertising questionable pharmaceuticals, forums promoting hateful speech and pornographic sites that have nothing to do with your images or material (all things that have happened to me).

However, a recent trend I’ve been noticing in my work has been taking things to the next level. In the past month alone I’ve observed at least two cases (likely several more as several sites were down) of content being lifted, plagiarized and posted onto compromised sites.

In short, innocent websites are being turned into spam blogs and copyright infringers not because they did anything wrong, but because they had lax security and a domain that was trusted by the search engines.

From a content creator’s standpoint, dealing with these infringements is much trickier than with “normal” cases and, if they truly are on the rise and this isn’t just an anecdotal experience, it’s like a problem that more and more webmasters are going to be confronted with.

So why is more and more plagiarized content appearing on hacked sites and what can be done about it? To understand we first have to look at what is actually going on.Continue Reading