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3 Tips for Choosing Plagiarism-Resistant Writing Topics

3 Tips for Choosing Plagiarism-Resistant Writing Topics

Not About MeBack in 2011, we took a look at various writing techniques that can be used to deter or discourage plagiarists.

For the most part, the techniques were straightforward and involved making the work more difficult to plagiarize or less appealing for someone to try and lift.

But while the words on the screen are definitely important to reducing plagiarism, if having your work misused is a serious concern, the time to think about how to reduce plagiarism is before putting the first words down, while you’re still developing the idea and topics you want to write about.

Simply put, some topics are more likely to be plagiarized than others. However, if you choose your topics well, you can not only avoid having your work ripped off, but you can create unique, original and informative work that will remain unique for a long time to come.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you choose topics that will help you keep the plagiarists and other infringers at bay.Continue Reading