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Turnitin Releases Update on Student Copying Study

Turnitin Releases Update on Student Copying Study

Turnitin LogoToday, Turnitin, which is owned by iParadigms, announced a follow up to a November 2011 study (PDF) that looked at the sources students copy from in the papers they submit. The new study found that homework and academic sites have become significantly more popular in the past year among both secondary and higher education students and that, while all students struggled to identify academically acceptable sources, higher education students were better at it.

The study is available in two whitepapers, one for secondary education and one for higher education.

The new report paints a very mixed picture about the changes in student sourcing over the past year. While there are some reasons to be optimistic, there are also a lot of reasons to be deeply worried.

In short, the data doesn’t paint a particularly clear picture one way or another, but certainly gives us a great deal to think about.Continue Reading