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Using Creative Commons to Gain Links, Improve SEO

Using Creative Commons to Gain Links, Improve SEO

CC-BYMany people, myself included, use Creative Commons Licenses to enable and encourage others to share their work. Whether it’s hoping that others will republish blog posts, use their photographs in a site design or remix their music into something new, Creative Commons is a great way for creators to give their work a new life or a new audience.

But with those idealistic reasons come some more practical, real-world benefits. Creative Commons works, when used online, typically come with links. Those links can provide a great benefit both in terms of direct traffic and search engine optimization (SEO) benefit.

In recent years, these tangible benefits have been spending more and more time in the spotlight as companies have tried to exploit Creative Commons Licenses for their own gain. While often this is done within the spirit of the Creative Commons License, some have pushed the boundaries of comfort and even what is allowed/required within the license itself.

All of this begs the question: How useful is Creative Commons for linkbuilding and SEO? Furthermore, what are the boundaries legally and ethically Continue Reading