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Reddit Bans Plagiarist Site, Exposes Future of Spam

Reddit Bans Plagiarist Site, Exposes Future of Spam

Gaoom LogoOn Friday, Reddit user mi-16evil, an administrator in the /r/Movies subreddit, posted an entry announcing that he and the other admins had banned a site, Gaoom, from being posted on the subreddit.

According to mi-16evil, the site was engaged in rampant plagiarism, copying and reposting articles and other content from various sites on the Web and then encouraging others, including many legitimate users, to post the links to Reddit.

The administrators were tipped off to the issue when the spam filters kept pulling down Gaoom links despite seemingly legitimate users submitting them. This meant something in the voting pattern tripped the spam filters, even though they might have originally been submitted by a valid user.

That, in turn, prompted them to investigate and that was when they discovered the plagiarism issues, which resulted in the full ban and the post. However, the ban might have been a moot point as, shortly after the post became popular on Reddit, Gaoom went down, giving a “Bandwidth Exceeded” error. It hasn’t returned as of this writing.

But while the case of Gaoom seems to have a happy ending, mi-16evil and the rest of Reddit may have, unintentionally, exposed the future of plagiarism and spam on the Web, making this a less-happy ending for legitimate creators everywhere.Continue Reading

The DMCA on Social News Sites

Previously, I reported about how plagiarized content can create unique challeges on social news sites such as Digg and Reddit. The article detailed a case involving the site Celebrity Hack, a celebrity gossip blog. The site had one of its articles, entitled “37 Famously Stupid Celebrity Quotes” submitted to Digg only to be buried forContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Farked, BoingBoinged and More

Yesterday was a very eventful day for this site. The article about Fark’s Copyright Policy made an appearance on the front page of Fark.com. Shortly after that, it was featured as an update to the BoingBoing article on the subject and even appeared on Wired.com’s Epicenter Blog. Needless to say, traffic was extremely high yesterdayContinue Reading