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Why Revenge Pornography Matters

Why Revenge Pornography Matters

Bikini ImageThis Sunday I’ll be at SXSW Interactive, There, I’ll be joined by my good friend Katie Sunstrom for a 5 PM presentation entitled “The Grim Reality of Revenge Porn & Defamation“.

The talk, as planned right now, is going to be a wide ranging legal discussion about the current realities of revenge pornography, or the posting of nude/sexual images of others without their permission. It will include discussions on copyright, defamation, privacy as well as recent cases and some of the new laws passed.

While I’m very excited about this presentation, and would certainly love to see many of you there, I have to acknowledge that this is a very difficult subject. Not only does adult content in any context put many ill at ease, but the very intimate violation of trust and the emotional toll it can take makes many others uneasy talking about the issue.

However, it’s these very factors that make it so important we discuss revenge pornograophy openly. Simply put, this isn’t a problem that’s going away and, as it grows, it will impact more and more lives. The problem is, the more we sweep it under the rug and try to ignore the problem or even blame the victims, the more the stigma and the harm it can do will grow.

In short, it’s time to treat revenge pornography like the serious issue it is, even if some people aren’t ready or willing to talk about it.Continue Reading