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Content Integrity: Where Piracy and Plagiarism Meet

Content Integrity: Where Piracy and Plagiarism Meet

Yin Yang ImageThe the organizers of the 6th International Integrity & Plagiarism Conference asked me to do the give the closing address to the audience, I knew I had an impossible task.

Not only did I have to take the stage right after the amazing keynote by Dan Ariely, but I had the task of summarizing three whole days of conference time in just a short fifteen minutes.

During lunch on that last day of the conference, I poured over my notes of the four keynotes I had seen up to that point and tried to pull out a common theme. As you’ve seen over my three previous posts, the conversation was very diverse and covered the gamut on academic integrity, plagiarism, and cheating.

But I realized the conversation had been different this year. While plagiarism remained a core focus, much of the conversation had shifted to the broader issue of academic integrity. While the conference still had its talks about plagiarism detection, it also talked at length about drafting academic integrity policy, teaching students not to cheat and effective enforcement of all academic standards.

But even that broad topic felt somewhat narrow, especially after watching Dan Ariely discuss issues of cheating and dishonesty more broadly. As several had discussed over the course of the conference, academic integrity does not happen in a vacuum. Academic integrity is not separate from “real world” integrity. The two impact each other and are deeply related.

That, in turn, was the theme I chose to go with for my closing notes, themes which closely mirrored no only Dan Ariely’s talk, but also Tracey Bretag’s talk from earlier in the day and several other conversations I had over the course of the conference.

However, the more I thought about that theme, the more impact it had on me and my thoughts about my work and this site. Thoughts that may change the way I think about plagiarism and copyright.Continue Reading