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Topify: When Going Mobile Goes Wrong

Topify: When Going Mobile Goes Wrong

Topify LogoFor webmasters of all stripes, mobile access is becoming more and more important in terms of attracting visitors and connecting with an audience. This is doubly true for forum administrators, who not only are working to make their sites easy to read on mobile devices, but also easier to post and reply to.

But while there are many tools that make it easy for forums to go mobile, including plugins, responsive designs and other tools, many forums are not easy to use on portable devices at this time. To help those who aren’t there yet, many companies and services have stepped up including Tapatalk and vBulletin Mobile Suite, both of which offer easy ways to create a mobile app for your forum.

However, one company that has entered this space has caused a great deal of controversy among forum administrators. Topify aims to create a combination mobile reader and directory for forums but, according to many webmasters, has gone too far in incorporating content from other sites without permission.

So what did Topify do and why are so many forum administrators angry with it? I decided to take a look and find out.Continue Reading