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How MailChimp Hurts Their Customers’ SEO

How MailChimp Hurts Their Customers’ SEO

MailChim WinkArticle Updated May 16, 2013: See Below

MailChimp is one of the most respected companies online and it is widely used by many bloggers, including myself, to help distribute newsletters to readers who subscribe.

The basics of the service are fairly simple, for a fee Internet marketers can have MailChip handle all of the elements of their email newsletter including collecting signups, sending out newsletters, tracking results and removing unsubscriptions.

MailChimp also has tools for converting your RSS feed into a daily newsletter, so all of the posts on your site (or a particular category) are sent to readers that want them. This is what I currently use for my newsletter, which can be found in the sidebar.

However, it’s one of MailChimp’s lesser-known features that seems to have gone awry.

MailChimp’s “Forward to a Friend” feature, a tool that makes it easy for subscribers to forward emails they get to people they know, creates duplicate copies of the pages that are forwarded and places them on a server that is not only public, but also indexed by Google.

This has the potential to create serious duplicate content issues for your site as it has already resulted in thousands of duplicate pages appearing in Google for the sites that use it.

Most worrisome, after contacting MailChip, they’ve said that the feature is designed to work this way and that they have no plans on changing it. Meaning that there is little hope that MailChimp will rectify this problem any time soon.Continue Reading