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The Next Big Copyright Fight

The Next Big Copyright Fight

Spiderman ImageThe Aereo ruling is out and the fallout is still being settled. Over the next few months and years, we’ll get a glimpse at how other courts interpret the ruling and get a handle on the practical impacts of the decision on other companies and technologies.

However, copyright watchers are already wondering what will be the next big Supreme Court battle in the subject. On that front, there’s no shortage of topics of interest. In fact, the House Judiciary Committee is currently doing an evaluation of the entirety of copyright law in the U.S., looking for possible areas that might be ripe for changes and updates.

But the next likely big copyright fight in the Supreme Court is likely to be something different. In fact, at its core it isn’t a copyright issue at all, but one about employment, contracts and who owns the work after it is created.

The issue is copyright termination and it’s not only been the subject of a slew of lower court rulings and earlier settlements, but already has at least two cases on appeal to the Supreme Court already.

The interest and opportunity is there, all that remains to be seen is when and if the Supreme Court will take it up.Continue Reading