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5 Reasons Plagiarism Detection is So Difficult

5 Reasons Plagiarism Detection is So Difficult

Difficult ClimbIf you’re looking for a plagiarism detection service, there are many to choose from. Well over three dozen companies and services right now are available to stand up and take a crack at help you either determine if a work is original or find plagiarized copies of a work elsewhere online.

However, many, if not most, of them are complete garbage.

So while the number of services that help people detect copied text is growing, most of them have been of very low quality and of very limited usefulness. This is something that’s highlighted in Dr. Deborah Weber-Wulff’s regular tests of plagiarism detection systems (detailed writeup coming).

But why is this? With so many companies entering the market and engineers addressing the problems, new plagiarism detection services should be getting exponentially better, not lagging well behind established players.

The reason is for this is simple: Plagiarism detection is very difficult and, sadly, technology isn’t really able to address the challenges that the industry faces.

So if you’re looking to create a new plagiarism detection service, here’s what you’re up against and the problems you are going to after. If you’re the user of such a service, here are the reasons why, at least in many cases, your results may be less than satisfactory.Continue Reading

iParadigms Accuses iPlagiarismCheck of Abuse

Update: See footer of article for iPlagiarismCheck’s response. When Dr. Debora Weber-Wulff, a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, set out to test and compare the top plagiarism detection tools available, she never expected to catch one of the programs in a lie. However, it appears that is exactly what she did.Continue ReadingContinue Reading