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Wylio Revamps Creative Commons Image Search

Wylio Revamps Creative Commons Image Search

Wylio Logo ImageOver two years ago, Wylio launched a search engine that aimed to make it simple to find and embed Creative Commons images in your site or blog.

By tapping into the Flickr API and looking for open-licensed images, Wylio is able to track over 100 million photos that you can use right now on your site. Though my initial thoughts were mixed, over the past three years work on the service has not stopped and the site recently released version 3.0 of its Creative Commons image search tool.

Does this new update make Wylio a worthwhile service for your image needs? It’s difficult to say but, if you passed on the original version it’s not likely that the update will add much to keep you interested. Though there are definitely some notable improvements, many of the limitations of the original service are still intact.

As such, how you feel about Wylio in 20114 is going to be determined almost entirely by how you felt (or would have felt) about it in 2011.Continue Reading