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5 Major Types of Copyright Enforcement Strategies

5 Major Types of Copyright Enforcement Strategies

Chess ImageWhen it comes to copyright enforcement, it seems every week we’re learning about new tactics and techniques that are designed to reduce or eliminate copyright infringement online.

Those techniques have run the gamut from massive lawsuit campaigns to new services designed to compete with piracy head-on. We’ve see police raids, site blocking efforts and advertisement campaigns all at the same time.

But for all of the variety in tactics, there are five common, major strategies for copyright enforcement on the Internet. Almost every tactic, tool or approach uses one or more of these strategies to try and reduce copyright infringement online.

While these are definitely broad strokes and can encompass a wide variety of approaches, it’s important to think about how a method is supposed to work before embarking down the path. It can also show how various tactics can overlap and combine to provide multiple vectors for attacking the problem, and offer guidance on what new approaches may be worth trying if you seem to be out of ideas.

On that note, here are the major strategies that are used to enforce copyright online, how they’re supposed to work and some examples of each.Continue Reading