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How Reddit Deals with Plagiarism

How Reddit Deals with Plagiarism

Reddit Alien(Warning: Links to the Reddit pages contain offensive language.)

If there’s one person a Redditor doesn’t want to be, it’s knettel37.

Yesterday, knettel37 posted an image of what appeared to be a sketch of a woman’s face and neck with the subject “My girlfriend amazes me with her art…”. But while the image initially became pretty popular, within a few hours of posting it was discovered that the the “pencil” drawing was actually a digital creation from another artist from almost ten years earlier.

The Reddit community quickly pounced on this. Upon seeing the evidence, they not only downvoted knettel37′s post, but nearly everything else that he had posted as well. The community also set up a “Karma Court” to “try” the case, albeit in a joking fashion.

On the other side of the coin, knettel37 is claiming that his girlfriend sent him the picture and he had no idea that it was fake. However, other members >of Reddit are questioning is knettel37 either made up the girlfriend or is merely passing blame on to her.

But what’s interesting about the case is its swift resolution and the fact that the community reacted so strongly to the plagiarism and how swiftly they handled it, all without any involvement from the actual creator and copyright holder.

What can creators and community admins learn from this case? A great deal, even if the lessons are likely somewhat limited in their application.Continue Reading