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Why Mega is Not a Copyright Killer

Why Mega is Not a Copyright Killer

Mega LogoOver the weekend, Kim Dotcom, the embattled founder of Megaupload, launched his new cloud storage service, Mega, amid fanfare and dancing girls. Though Mega has suffered serious technical issues due to the massive interest, it has still attracted over 1 million users in just a few days.

The launch, which was timed with the raid on Dotcom’s house and company last year, had been widely expected and led to at least a few sensationalist headlines, including one on Gizmodo that said the service “Could dismantle copyright forever.”

TechDirt wrote a different take on the service, calling Mega “interesting” but “hardrly revolutionary”.

So is the sky falling for copyright holders? Will Mega be the end of copyright as we know it? No. If Mega had been created by any one other than Kim Dotcom and for any other purpose than following up Megaupload, the service would not have received nearly this much attention.

Even if we ignore that copyright is a law and Mega, as a service, does nothing to change the law, Mega is not a copyright killer and, truth be told, isn’t likely the biggest threat to copyright holders right now. In fact, it’s way behind the original Megaupload in that regard.Continue Reading