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BlogAvenger: Does Your Blog Content Need an Avenger?

BlogAvenger: Does Your Blog Content Need an Avenger?

BlogAvenger LogoWhen it comes to protecting and tracking content one, most blog authors have a very simple problem: There’s just too much of it.

Even if you just write a blog post twice a week, that still results in you having over 100 entries by the time you reach your one-year anniversary. If each blog post is just 500 words long, which is fairly short, that means you have 50,000 words of content to track, monitor and enforce if you want to catch it all.

As a result, most bloggers, if they track their content at all, look primarily at their static content (the pages that don’t change), the most recent posts and, sometimes, the most popular ones historically. While this can still be a great deal of content, it’s a much more manageable amount.

However, a new plugin for WordPress aims to address that issue. It’s called BlogAvenger and it aims to make it so that you can track all, or nearly all, of your blog’s content.

I was given the opportunity to test out BlogAvenger during its beta phase and am continuing to use it now on this site.

Does it work and is it worth the money? I’ve got a thorough overview and review for you below….Continue Reading