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Repost: Why Article Embedding Has an Uphill Battle

Repost: Why Article Embedding Has an Uphill Battle

Repost LogoEarlier this week, Repost, formerly known as Repost.Us, had launched with the goal of making articles and other text content as easily embeddable as YouTube videos or Soundcloud clips.

The initial response seems to be great and even includes a series of glowing articles including onesby Anthony Ha at TechCrunch, Megan Rose Dickey at Business Insider and Ken Young at The Next Web. This is helped by the fact that Repost, according to its site and its press release, has amassed nearly 3.5 million articles for embedding from over 4,000 publishers.

But while the excitement around Repost is new, the concept of embedding articles is not. Repost is actually a relaunch of Repost.Us, which itself launched in March of 2011. Free Range Content, the people behind Repost and Repost.Us, also operate a separate site embedding service, Curate.Us, which began life as Clp.ly (Previous Clp.ly coverage). which actually got its start in mid-2010.

But the idea of embedding articles was around before that. Embed Article, which would eventually become Embed Anything, got its start in March 2010. That service, however, closed its doors in November of 2012.

But even before that service, Voxant Newsroom started in 2008 and offered bloggers and others a means to embed content, including articles, from news sites in a similar manner (Note: Voxant now seems to be providing exclusively video content).

This means that for over five years now, various companies have tried to make embedding of text works mainstream and all, so far, have failed. Does Repost have what it takes to succeed where others failed?

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