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Ad Blockers, Readability Plugins and Your Content

Ad Blockers, Readability Plugins and Your Content

Question: Can the design of your site impact how much value you get from your content?

Obviously, the answer is yes. Any good designer knows that design supports the content. Helping the reader navigate to it, consume it and move on from it.

But can good design help deal with some of the more vexing issues that designers face when it comes to their content? Namely the rise in use of adblockers and readers (such as Readbility)? The answer, most likely, is also yes.

While having a good design won’t fix the issues that these tools create, they can limit their use on your site and encourage you readers to view your ads, participate in your community and generally be more engaged in your site.

In short, if you want to maximize the benefit that you get from your hard work, the place start may be with your theme thinking about your user’s experience.Continue Reading