DMCA Contacts

When fighting plagiarism and content theft, one of the hardest parts is finding who to contact. Though the U.S. Copyright Office has a list of DMCA agents, the list is incomplete, hard to navigate and, in some cases, out of date.

That has lead me, over the years, to start compiling my own list of DMCA contacts. However, rather than keep the actual contact information, I’ve decided to let the hosts speak for themselves, linking to their DMCA agent pages. That way, if the information changes, the link should stay up to date.

I will work to maintain this list but can not guarrantee its accuracy. If you see a broken link or any outdated information, please contact me.

Note: The List is long so use your find command (Ctrl+F on Windows) to look up the host you need!

Advertising Networks

Kontera (form*)
Text-Link-Ads (form*)
Valueclick (including Commission Junction) (see item 10) (email)
Yahoo! Publisher Network (email)
*No clear policy found on either site

Blog Networks

AOL People Connection (form)
Blogsome (email) (legal at blogsome dot com?)
DeadJournal (see last item) (email)
GreatestJournal (form)
LiveJournal (email)
MSN Spaces (email)
OpenDiary (form)
Typepad (email)
Vox (see 23) (email) (email)
Yahoo! 360 (email)

Blog Search Engines

Ask BlogSearch (email)
Google Blogsearch (fax)
Icerocket* (email:
Technorati (email)
*No page available, see notes

Document/Presentation Sharing Sites

Scribd (email)

Domain Hosts

1&1 (PDF) (email)
A+Net ( (PDF) (email)
BCentral (email)
BlueHost (See: Abuse department) (email)
DirectNIC (See: 20.s) (email)
Dreamhost (email) (email)
iPowerWeb (email)
MediaTemple (email)
Midphase (email)
Network Solution (See: Copyright Complaints) (email)
Rackspace (See: Copyright Infringement Notice) (email) (email)
Surpass Hosting (mail)
Westhost (email)
Verio (email)
XO (email)
Yahoo Web Hosting (email)
YellowFiber (email)

Free Web Hosts

50Megs (See: 6) (mail)
Bravenet (form)
FreeSpaces (email*)
FreeWebs (See: Copyright Violations) (email)
Tripod (email)

Message Boards*

Boardhost (email)
Boardnation (form)
Bravenet (form)
EXCOBoard (form**)
EZBoard (form)
Proboards (form)
Yuku (See: bottom) (email)
* With message boards, always contact the board administrators first
** No clear policy

Photo/Art Sharing Sites

Buzznet (See: Claims of Copyright Infringement) (email)
deviantArt (See: Item 5) (email)
Faces (email)
Flickr (email)
Fotki (form)
ImageShack (form)
MyPhotoAlbum (form)
PhotoBucket (email)
Shutterfly (See: Copyright Notice) (email)
SmugMug (See: Copyright Complaints) (email)
Snapfish (email)
Webshots (email)
Zoomr (See: Last Item) (email)

Search Engines

Altavista (email)
DMOZ (email)
Google (fax)
Mahalo (email)
MSN (email*)
Yahoo! (email)
* Some MSN emails have been bouncing.

Social Networking Sites

Bebo (form)
BlackPlanet (email)
Facebook (email)
Friendster (See: Item Eight) (email)
GaiaOnline (email)
Hi5 (See: 9) (email)
Hoverspot (form)
iMeem (See: 1-d) (email)
Myspace (email)
Neopets (email)
Orkut (PDF) (email)
Xanga (email)

Social News Sites

Digg (See: 5) (email)
Netscape (form)
Reddit (See: 4) (email)
Slashdot (See: 13) (email)

User-Generated Content
Squidoo (email: seth at squidoo dot com)

Video Sharing Sites

AOL Video (form)
Atom Films (email)
Break (See: Item 17) (email)
ClipShack (See: 6) (email)
DailyMotion (email)
Eyespot (See: Bottom) (email)
Google Video (fax)
Grouper (See: 3) (email)
Guba (email)
iFilm (email)
Jumpcut (See: Copyright Policy)
ManiaTV (See: 10 & 24) (mail)
Mediamax (email)
Metacafe (email)
MotionBox (See: Copyright) (email)
Myspace Video (email)
Revver (mail)
Veoh (email)
Yahoo Video (email)
YouTube (email)