Repost: Copyright’s Role in a Free Press

Copyright Alliance LogoAs is becoming tradition every Wednesday, I’m once again calling attention to interesting/insightful/useful content from other copyright-related blogs. Today, I’m pulling from the Copyright Alliance, a “Non-profit, non-partisan public interest and educational organization” that represents creators of all types. On their blog recently, Terry Hart published a piece looking at a topic dear to my heart, journalism and, more specifically, how to fund the important, but expensive, reporting a free press needs.

Without further ado, here’s what Hart had to say on the topic.

(Note: There seems to be an error in Repost that’s causing the post to repeat. I’m contacting them about this.)

Copyright’s Role in a Free Press (via Copyright Alliance)

Earlier this week, Peter Osnos of the Atlantic wrote about how journalists spent two years and $750,000 covering one story. The story detailed the efforts behind nonprofit journalism organization ProPublica’s recent investigation into the hidden dangers…